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     "Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me"
Matthew 18.5

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  John Paul II & Children

By Catholics and Christians, working together and establishing funds and constructing the actual brick-and-mortar Children's Home, and by facilitating programs that care for children holistically, the orphanage becomes a life-long facility from birth through college and is designed to instill healthy social skills, peer relationships, morals, and values.

We are passionate about rescuing children who are left on their own, and we believe in caring for the child in a safe and loving family environment which includes nurturing the spiritual growth of each individual person by exposing them to a Christian faith-based ambiance where they can ultimately learn and instill the values of God. Once the Children's home is constructed Our Village Outreach will also work with rural villages to improve their quality of life through preventative and proactive life saving programs.

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