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     "Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me"
Matthew 18.5

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Manila, Philippines
July 11th, 2004

The children could not be erased from Douglas's mind; they were chiseled within his conscience deep where no man can forget.  He especially could not forget one little girl who lay on a piece of dirty cardboard as she slept on the street.  That day he felt a deep sense of remorse for mankind and ashamed to be called a Catholic/Christian yet let such poverty go untouched.  So the promise was made as he crossed a busy street in Manila on a hot blistering day that he would return to help change the lives of all he could. 

Franklin, Wisconsin
November 15th, 2005

When he was home in the United States he could not forget that little girl sleeping on a dirty piece of cardboard...and he cried.  He also, could not forget he was a Catholic, a Christian, and a man who believes that God has a mission for all those who are willing to listen.  So the plans began and with $5,000 of his own money he started the foundation Doug's Dream Inc.  He realized that the more passion he put into the foundation the more color was put back into his own life.  The more he talked, the more he did, and the more others listened and he began to realize they also felt his passion and the Dream was no longer a Dream but a mission to be accomplished.

"Working together like the colors of the rainbow we can make something beautiful.  The Orphanage will be etched forever in time and no one can take that away from us.  We will take care of those who are not our own and for many we will be giving them something they never had...a home."

What greater gift can we give back to Thee?

Douglas David Pasniak

Brookfield, Wisconsin
July 9th, 2006

Douglas presents the Idea to the Philippine Community at the FAWWIS yearly picnic.

Milwaukee area
January 2006 to October 2007

Creation of the website, gaining donors and pledges, and preparing for our first Board meeting.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oct 7th, 2007

Douglas holds his first board meeting at Oakland Trattoria.  The Dream begins with seven devoted and passionate individuals who profess their devotion and time to this great endeavor.  I would like to welcome Mike O'Leary, Toni Greene, Bob Harvey, Darren Brito, Rebecca Abraham, and Patrick Moloney to Dougs Dream Inc. and the Philippine orphanage project...Its was a beautiful day.

Milwakee, Wisconsin
Oct 8th, 2007

Te Filipino Community of Milwaukee as well as Douglas Pasniak and Rebecca Abraham meet and welcome the Philippine Ambassador to the United States, Willy C. Gaa, and his wife Linda at a reception held at the Philippine Center, 535 N. 27th Street Milwaukee, WI.  The Ambassador is pleased with the orphanage Dream and we are encouraged to contact the Consul General in Chicago to further the project.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jan 6th 2008

The foundation holds its second board meeting at Oakland Tratoria.  We have added two board members Chadwick Albano & Elma Racadio to our Board of Trustees and the project moves forward.  If you would like to read about the meeting please visit our News and Events located on the home page.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Feb 23rd 2008

The foundation presents its first conference at the Men of Christ Conference 2008.  The Day was a huge success as the project begins to flower to the greater community.  We meet and developed many friendships from people willing to support and learn more about the project.  We are hoping and praying for an interview from Relevant Radio--Stay tuned for more to come.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 22nd 2008
We held our first fundraiser at the School Sisters of Saint Frances with music food and about 120 people attended.  Lots of compliments and the food was great, my mom even made her home made chicken noodle soup....Oh yeah and we had roast pig too...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oct 25th 2008

We held our second fundraiser at the School Sisters of Saint Frances.  The economy kind of scared everyone as the market turned downward but people were still had over 100 people and it was another great event.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dec 25th 2008

We broke the 5,000 dollar mark of funds raised for the orphanage.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jan 1st 2009

Douglas becomes a Board member of FAAWIS the Filipino American Association of Wisconsin.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
March 1st 2009
We started the fundraiser "the trade game", which basically, we keep trading items upward to raise funds for our much needed start-up costs.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Summer of 2009

With the advent of the economy we needed to restructure the Board of directors and have gained some very spiritual and dedicated trustees that are a wonderful addition to our endeavor.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
October 1st 2009

We have been doing some aggressive fundraising for 2009 but the economy is not the best.  Despite this by October 2009 we have raised over $16,000 total.  Not bad considering we don't have a building or children yet.  In Gods time...Gods time.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
October 1st 2009

We started the Godparent Sponsorship program.  By months end we have 20 plus Godparents donating $35 monthly to help this endeavor.  These Godparents are so important to making this dream come true as they will raise the initial start-up costs and then also help to support each and every child.

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