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     "Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me"
Matthew 18.5

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The Wonderful Staff of the Dream 
The love they share to complete the Children's Home and rescue children from ill fate is a wonderful act of goodness.

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From the Heart

Cheryl Anderegg

Fund Raising Coordinator

Cheryl has a wonderful heart that can been seen a mile away through her smile.  She grew up in Clark County Wisconsin with her supportive family and has a back ground in business/marketing.   She also, worked in the transportation business as a logistics and freight broker for seven years before she began another endeavor in business management for the hotel industry.  As a hobby and a passion she works part -time at a weekly newspaper in Clark County as a copy editor / proofreader as well as occasional writer.  She also, served as the treasurer for the Neillsville Area Players, and has been involved with fund raising, acting, theater set building, theater lighting and other projects.  She will also, be a key player as a Fund Raising Coordinator in Clark County for Dougs Dream which is much needed and appreciated.  We are glad to have her on-board and God Bless her in all she does.  Thank you Cheryl for believing in the Dream.

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Fund Raising Coordinator

Farhan Anjum

Website Coder of DougsDream.com

Farhan is more than just the coder of this website, he is a great friend that has also sacrificed many hours to see this project a success.  All though, he is not 100% voluntary, he has done far more work than the initial assessment.  I would trust him with my life and his quest for truth and goodness is by far one of his greatest attributes.  He is a fine coder with great communication skills and he is able to cross reference platforms with solid coding.  Most of you will never see the back-end of this website which has an extensive administration panel to change large amounts of content in lighting speeds.  Farhan was also able to trouble shoot complex website and program issues that are the attributes of a fine developer. 

We started as business acquaintances and became brothers because we both understand each other and search for “something more” in a world that can sometimes be so cunning and cruel.  God bless us both to understand the truth of mankind and as he would say, “By the will of God we will find truth.”

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Coder and Developer

Jeff Niedzialkowski

Promotions and Public Relations

Jeff is a volunteer that also believes in the Dream and his good heart is just one of the many attributes that make him a great person.  He is a lead sales coordinator with over 10 years experience from Bally's Total Fitness and he has vowed to use some of his selling techniques to support the orphanage mission.  Jeff's charm and charisma are a definite asset to our organization and he will also be a key player in fundraising this year.

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Douglas David Pasniak

President of Dougs Dream Inc.

Douglas graduated with a Bachelors in communication from the University of Wisconsin—Parkside and a Masters from the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, in Educational Psychology.  He has worked with at-risk-youth as a counselor and treatment specialist for over 10 years in the Milwaukee area and He brings a broad base of knowledge with a philosophy that preaches out-side the box..."but not too far or you wont get back in". 

He has worked
in the public, religious, and non-profit sectors and has also established himself in residential management which is a 24 hour residential center for boys needing specialized treatment for cognitive disabilities. His dedication and devotion to the orphanage project, is his willingness to sacrifice for others who are less fortunate.

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