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     "Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me"
Matthew 18.5

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By Douglas Pasniak
Posted 11/24/2008

Hello my Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Thank you for believing in me and the Foundation.  As I write this letter I keep thinking of all of you and your help in this great task of building a new facility.   It is not easy but hopefully soon in God's time we shaIl see the works of our labor.
To gather more information for running programs that are vital to the operations of the project I have recently visited several orphanages.  However the most enlightening experience was in Toledo, Philippines which is in the the center of Visayan islands.  The one thing that I noticed about abandoned children (and many of them were from the streets) was the need for love.

The orphanage in Toledo gave me feelings of hope for our own project, it is a place to make a difference, a place that can change these children's future and ultimately their fate in life.  I was renewed in my heart that there are children waiting for "us" to build this dream and change their future with our help and guidance.
When I was there I did not forget about you my brothers and sisters and I took a list with your names and I with the children prayed for each and every one of you, your families and the mission to help more children like them.

Each Children's home will be constructed like a small home and our facility becomes a lifeline for them...But this is only the start.  The great thing about this method of building is that we can start small and grow as time goes on. 

The orphanage will be a place of peace and harmony that is designed to instill healthy social skills, morals, education, and empowerment through faith, hope and love.  We are devoted about helping children especially if they are left on their own, and we believe in caring for the child in a safe and loving family environment which includes nurturing the spiritual growth of each individual child by exposing them to a Christian faith-based ambiance where they can learn and instill the values of God.

Everything that has been done so far has been done by sheer experience and wise planning because unfortunately, there are not any courses offered in college to prepare one in, "How to build an orphanage".  With this being said, Douglas has been very analytical in making decisions for the best interest of the project while being mindful of the current donors and their generosity to help start this project from the ground up.

Currently, we are researching all documents as well as the required documents for licensing and from what I understand there are many more steps in the process of a newly formed project.

We would like to reiterate that this is not a simple task by any means as working with children adds on lots of extra paperwork and It has been an immense learning experience and we are very grateful to be working with those who are helping us from their hearts.

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