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Matthew 18.5

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By dougsdream.com
Posted 10/12/2009

As far as our  project It is taking a bit longer than I expected but the main issue without going into too much detail is that we are working on new land offers which will put us behind schedule.

When One Door Closes Another Door Opens

The good news is that we have made a few influential friends from the Rotary Club including one great professional friend that has teamed up with us and joined our board of Directors here in the Philippines.  Our friends name is Mr. Jensen Go Chow and he is a Philippine resident who was born in Australia.  He is a member of the Rotary Club here in the Philippines, holds a Bachelors in business and also in Law and has been helping us (pro bono).  He also, is part of an ecological group called "perma culture" that can help us in many ways. 

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