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     "Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me"
Matthew 18.5

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Thank you for your interest in our Buy a Brick Campaign. 

Basically, we will engrave your name in a brick or stone and as you can guess the bricks will be be used in our main path...Believe it or not It is very cost effective.  We believe that it is important to show the many people who have sacrificed so they could have a future at tomorrow.  Thus, it will also be important that people remember those names in weekly prayers and the bricks serve as a grand remembrance for all those involved.

                              $55 Silver Brick
We inscribe your name on a (4" x 8") gray stone brick

                              $110 Gold Brick
Your name is engraved on a (4” x 8”) gold stone brick

                             $220 Platinum Brick
Fish monogram & your name on a (8” x 8”)  platinum stone brick

                               $540 Family Platinum Brick
3-6 lines personalized with custom monogram on a (8” x 8”)  platinum stone brick
                             $1080 Royal Crusader Brick
4-9 lines personalized with custom monogram on a (12” x 12”)  blood red (deep red) stone brick.  The most beautiful of all bricks.

Current Brick Donors

Cheri Pascual (Royal Crusader Brick)
Sandra Diehl (Gold Brick
Leon Burzynski (Silver Brick
Robert Harvey (Silver Brick)
Fr. Terry (Gold Brick)
Gary Thompson (Silver Brick)
Corrine Roszina (Platinum Brick)
Dean and Patricia Schultz (Family Platinum Brick Donor)
Renato Azcueta (Gold Brick)
Mr. Barton (Silver Brick)
Mary Lingle (Silver Brick)
Carol Smyczek (Gold Brick)
Rea Enterprises (Silver Brick)
John Merkl (Silver Brick)
Kenneth Theys (Silver Brick)
Maria North (Silver Brick)
Mabelle Mota (Silver Brick)

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