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     "Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me"
Matthew 18.5

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Background of My Family
I was born in Milwaukee WI, 1971 to the parents of David and Darlene Pasniak.  My father a blue collar mechanic and my mother a stay at home mom raised my sister and myself at our home in Franklin WI.  My father built that home with his own two hands with a little help from family, friends, and a few hired hands.  My childhood was spent with a lot of great family memories and growing up in the woods, which surrounded our house—it is still one of the last wooded areas left in Franklin and the woods was my friend, and close companion.  It was a place to explore and learn about life but it was my mother who gave me something the woods couldn’t teach—My mom loved me in such a way that she taught me how to have compassion for all things.  From the birds in the trees to the ants on the ground they all should have a place in our heart.  I thank God for the mother I was given.

As I grew up I made mistakes (sometimes many of them) but regardless of the circumstances the seeds my mother planted through the power of God were already sowed.  It may sound odd but when I was little, as I would walked to school I picked up earthworms to throw in the dirt so they would not be scorched by the sun or squashed by Mr. Goodyear on the road.  Even today, you will see a 37-year-old man walking down the street after a summer rain scooping them up like candy to a child—just to give them a chance at life tomorrow.

My Mom & Dad
My mother's other hobby was to make sure she would worry about us, and if worrying was a paid full-time job she would have enough money to pay off the national debt and still put some in the cookie jar.  I can't explain how much she loved us, and I mean real love, the kind that would go to recesses of the soul.  Don't get me wrong my mom was frustrated sometimes.  She felt what every mom has felt, but when it mattered she was there and able to care for us safely without subjecting us to the misfortunes of man's evils or this worlds unfortunate fates.

My father was much more stern, (and always right like most fathers are) but my fondness memories of him are when I was five years old, and he carried me every morning to our baby sitter.  I never really woke up; he just wrapped me in the blankets and carried me in the freezing cold weather caring for me like a father should.  I also, remember him always fixing my car—an old but not too shabby 1968 mustang.  In one instance, I can remember him laying on the cold payment in his dirty white t-shit as he worked in the dark.  He couldn’t see a thing, but the years of experience showed as he always knew how to fix it.  All his work, just so I could be with my friends that night.  I'll never forget the feeling of anticipation when he slid from under the car to tell me, “Got It, I got the hose to seal on the power steering”.  Everything was O.K.  My dad made sure it was always O.K.  Don't get me wrong are similar personality and genetic composition allowed for many arguments, but in the end I was his son and he was my dad.  No argument would ever separate the bond of blood and all those years of caring.

My Sister & Her Family
My sister and I, well, to be honest as we grew up together we did enough fighting for Muhammad Ali in his second life.  We did love each other and my family is still very close, but I usually instigated the fight and my sister finished it.  We still laugh as we talk about the “good old days” and how I would wrap myself in a blanket and play the game steamroller.  It was a game I invented where basically I would roll over her (like a steam roller would over payment) but about half way up her back the steamroller would run out of gas and I would just lay there, squishing her in a brotherly love.  Yes, I know the kind of game that mean older brothers just love to invent. 

Despite the entire ruckus, we still would grow closer together and as time passed I looked up to her for her style and beauty.  Today, My sister has a lovely family and marriage to her husband Joseph.  She has four energetic and loving boys; Mason who is 8 years old, William who is 4 years old, Brody who is 3 and another new baby, "Tater Tot".
My 20's (The College Years)
To make a long story short I went to college for my Bachelors in communication (I still can't seem to speak right) at the University of Wisconsin—Parkside.   As time passed I graduated with my Masters from the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, in Educational Psychology which really opened my inner intellectual capabilities to fall in love with academics and learning—yeah, yeah, I know I’m a liar, but honestly it opened my mind to a greater understanding of the world. 

I would have gone to school until I was 90 years old, but life calls and God has a plan—If your willing to listening, that is.   After graduating with honors and all that good stuff, I went to work as a guidance counselor at the Aquinas Middle School in La Crosse Wisconsin.  I liked the school and La Crosse is beautiful but for some reason I brought myself back to Milwaukee which is where I work now as a supervisor helping to run a 24-hour residential treatment center at St.  Aemilian Lakeside—which by the way use to be an orphanage run by the Catholic Church. 

I still work part-time as a Guidance Counselor but the experience in the residential treatment center is gearing me for orphanage life.
The Trip That Changed (What Really Matters)
A few years ago by the fate of God I traveled to the Philippines on a trip that was a combination of personal vacation and mission work to help a couple of elementary schools.  I was not really a traveler and hated to fly so I did some research and found that I can take a slow boat to Hong Kong and from there I took a two hour flight to the Philippines. 

Crazy I know, but the trip all in all was 3 months and it was an experience I will never forget.  I saw 4 different countries including the state of Alaska and I brought approximately $2,000 dollars worth of academic supplies for the children in Puerto Galera & Dipolog—which was a first ever for them.
Where Is The Love...The Love...The Love
So…why do I want to have an orphanage in the Philippines.  It is a calling and it is where God sent me (period).  I have a gift working with children and when I was in the Philippines my heart opened like the red sea to Moses and the Israelites.  If you click on the history page you can read about the little girl from the Philippines that holds my heart today. 

I want to make life changes for kids who are forgotten and homeless.  No child should be sexually abused, hurt, or abandoned, and how can I call myself a civilized Godly person knowing this is happening and continue to do nothing.  I would rather die trying than to live my whole life for nothing but a few possessions that will eventually turn to dust anyway.  I don't want people to think I'm this "good or great guy”, because the truth is only God is good and I am only a grain of sand compared to God’s love.  All I want is for Jesus to remember me in heaven and accept me as one of his sheep.  Scriptures state that we are to care for the poor and afflicted.  Although, I have often failed God, I have strived to become a better man.... to be more like Christ.
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