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Matthew 18.5

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Philippine Travel & Culture
Everything about Philippines 11/19/08 By international education media
Education, Land and Resources, Climate, Plants and Animals, Population, Culture, Economy, History, and more.......
Art History of the Philippines-Pre-Colonial Era 12/24/07 By Alison Kroulek
The people of the Philippines are the heirs of an artistic tradition that dates....
The History of the Philippines-Spanish Colonialism 12/24/07 By Alison Kroulek
The history of the Philippines after it was “discovered” by the Spanish in 1521 ....
Tour of the Philippines-Manila 12/23/07 By Alison Kroulek
The Philippines are divided into 3 island groups: the Luzon group, the Visayas, and....
Art History of the Philippines, Part 2-Colonial Era 12/23/07 By Alison Kroulek
After the Spanish “discovered” the Philippines in 1521 and began colonizing the ....
The Culture of the Philippines 9/30/07 By Alison Kroulek
The culture of the Philippines is like a tapestry of many different influences, including....
Amazing Animals of the Philippines 9/3/07 By Alison Kroulek
Information on wildlife in the Philippines ....
The Pre-Colonial Philippines 9/3/07 By Alison Kroulek
History of the Philippines before the arrival of the Spaniards....
Tour of the Philippines-Mindanao 9/2/07 By AlisonKroulek
Part 5 in a travel series, this article provides information on traveling to Min....
Tour of the Philippines-Palawan 9/2/07 By Alison Kroulek
Part 6 in the travel series, this article provides information about traveling i....
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