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     "Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me"
Matthew 18.5

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Philippine Travel & Culture

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Everything about Philippines
By international education media 11/19/08
Education, Land and Resources, Climate, Plants and Animals, Population, Culture, Economy, History, and more.......
Art History of the Philippines-Pre-Colonial Era
By Alison Kroulek 12/24/07
The people of the Philippines are the heirs of an artistic tradition that dates....
The History of the Philippines-Spanish Colonialism
By Alison Kroulek 12/24/07
The history of the Philippines after it was “discovered” by the Spanish in 1521 ....
Children’s Health

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Parenting Ideas & Help

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Pope greets Christmas with appeal for abused kids
By Yahoo 12/25/08
Pope and Children....
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