Some of our programs


Dougs Dream was created to "help" and these are just a few of our programs that lend a helping hand where we can. We hope you come along and join us on our journey

About Dougs Dream

Why we help

I think for many of us it's a purpose,calling or mission to help those who are in need and to do good in a world that sometimes seems so chaotic and selfish. When people help it makes your heart feel like its in the right place and

Our history

Dougs Dream began when Douglas witnessed a little child sleeping on the streets in the Philippines and right then and there he promised God he would return and help all he could

List of our volunteers, donors and board members


Below are just a few of the wonderful many hearts that make Dougs Dream a reality and have furthered the mission and love of the project. Thank you!!!

Douglas David

The Dreamer

Andrew S.


Tommy T.

Board Member

Jimmy & Katie G.